Feeling disoriented? We will show you the way.


Are you a single parent? Do you want to improve your financial situation and elevate your self-confidence? We have answers.

The objective of single parent dating advice is to provide financial and dating tools to single parents who want to build wealth and skyrocket their self-confidence.

To be your facilitator in your reconquest is my mission and I want you to view this blog like a road map. Feeling disoriented? We will show you the way.

This blog is separated in 5 sections and here’s what each section will be about:

About Brice

This is where I introduce myself and talk about how the challenges I managed to surpass as a single father of 3 kids have helped me reach my objectives and how you can benefit from my experience.

Wealth Building tools

As a Finance undergraduate at a major Canadian university, the financial tools I will provide in this section will help you avoid one of the biggest traps of being a single parent which is financial insecurity or the debt trap. I will guide you through the meanders of payday loans, loans, mortgages and investments. You will find tips and advices that will help increase your wealth.

Confidence building tools

This section is a guideline. A guideline that will take you from being a new single parent full of doubts and uncertainty to an assertive single parent that has abandoned the boulders of the past and is profuse with self-confidence.

Wealth Building tools reviews

This category will include reviews of financial products and services always with the objective to help you avoid financial uncertainty and reach financial liberty.

Confidence building tools reviews

We’ll review dating sites and services with the intention of separating the good wheat from the chaff.

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If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to continue the conversation with you.

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